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Medicare Fraud

Shimon Richmond investigates Medicare fraud schemes

How to Stop Medicare Fraud From Happening to You

Protect your Medicare number, hang up on fraudsters, report bad guys

Fraud prevention tip: Report the scam to Medicare

New PSA Warns of Medicare Scams

FTC advises consumers to protect their personal information

Federal agents in a takedown of suspects for a medicare fraud scheme

24 Charged in Massive Fraud Scheme

Telemarketers lured recipients with free or low-cost medical equipment

Episode 27 Dr. Rotten: Can medicare fraud give you cancer? Part 1

Meet the Man Who Defrauded Medicare of Millions

Dr. Farid Fata falsely treated patients for cancer and submitted bogus health care claims

Man uses mouth swab in DNA testing

'Free' DNA Testing Used to Scam Medicare Recipients

States sound alarm about fraudsters urging cancer screenings

In the News

Equifax reached a million dollar settlement for consumers affected by its 2017 data breach.

Were You an Equifax Data Breach Victim?

Millions who had data hacked will get some payback and possible credit-monitoring services

Former executive Bernie Ebbers leaves the federal building for an arraignment in custody March 3, 2004 in New York City.

Can You Recognize These Famous Fraud Cases?

Take this quiz and test your knowledge of these schemes

Gift cards are displayed for sale

How Gift Card Scams Are Used to Finance Fraud

Difficult-to-trace funds make cards an easy choice for scammers

A Quest Diagnostics Inc. requisition form

Don't Panic About Quest Data Breach, Expert Says

Be proactive and guard your personal, financial information

U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania William McSwain

Former ATF Agent Convicted of Wire Fraud

Prosecutors describe defendant's crimes as 'particularly despicable'


Learn how to spot and avoid common scams

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