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Income and Poverty of Older Americans (Chartbooks)

For years, the March supplements of the U.S. Census Bureau's annual Current Population Survey (CPS) have provided official government estimates of income and poverty among American families, households, and individuals. Since the early 1990s, the AARP Public Policy Institute (PPI) has been summarizing salient CPS findings pertaining to the income and poverty status of all - but especially older - Americans into short, concise reports.

These PPI chartbooks expand upon those brief reports. Using data from the most recent CPS of U.S. households, they provide detailed data on the distribution of income and poverty among older American individuals, families and households in 2004 in terms of such demographic categories as gender, marital status, and living arrangement.

Some of the books' data are derived from the Census Bureau's publications, Money Income in the United States and Poverty in the United States, in the Current Population Reports P-60 series. In other cases, the charts are based on PPI analyses of the CPS over the past 30 years. Comments about the book's content and suggestions for additions to it may be sent to the author, Kebin Wu, at 202-434-3878 or