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Stretch Your Income with Food Stamps

In these economic times, making ends meet has become harder and harder for so many New York families. Food Stamp benefits can help you boost your budget so that you can purchase nutritious foods and pay your other bills. Today it is easier than ever to sign up for Food Stamps and get nutritious food right in your neighborhood.

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Currently, about half of New Yorkers who are eligible for Food Stamp benefits have not applied. Many people are unaware of the benefits available or are not aware of new changes to Food Stamp benefits which make more people eligible. For instance, people who receive Social Security, SSI, and/or retirement benefits may qualify. You may also be eligible even if you own a home or car, have money in the bank, or live with others. Food Stamp benefits also help our economy. Every $5 used in Food Stamps puts $10 back into the economy.

The Food Stamp card looks like a debit card – no one but you and your grocery clerk knows why you are using it. When you use Food Stamps, you are not taking benefits from someone else who needs them.

AARP is part of the New York City Hunger Free Communities Consortium, which is working to ensure that New Yorkers are aware of and have easy access to Food Stamp benefits.

Find out if you’re eligible for Food Stamp benefits by calling 1-855-NYC-HFCC (1-855-692-4322) or emailing

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