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Helping Someone Get the Food they Need is a SNAP

Times are tough. Many Americans are put in a difficult dilemma where they must choose between buying food and paying their utilities or medical bills. Chances are, you know someone who needs help getting enough to eat. Fortunately for all of us, there are ways to help for children, families, and people 50+.

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Many don’t seek help, though. Of the nation’s 3.6 million people over 65 who live in poverty, only 34 percent have sought out help from food banks and programs like SNAP (formerly the Food Stamp Program.) The reasons are many, including the perception that getting SNAP is difficult and also feeling embarrassed.

Closer to home, about ten percent of Delawareans are threatened by hunger. And let’s not forget unemployment which is at 8.4 percent in the First State. Death of a loved one can also make it difficult to reorganize one’s finances. Through all this, proper nutrition is vital to an individual’s health and wellness so they can better care for themselves and their finances. Someone of your street may need help and you’ll never know it if you don’t ask. Your guidance and support can help and individual 50+ get proper food and nutrition.

Starting a conversation with a friends or neighbor about food and meals is a good way to break the ice. Mention some of AARP’s resource like the Public Benefits in Your State.

Currently, only about 9 percent of SNAP recipients are 60+. But SNAP is beneficial for a person’s health and for the community in which they live. SNAP supports healthier food choices. The USDA says that every $5 in new SNAP benefits generates nearly twice as much ($9.20) in total community spending. We need more eligible participants in this great program.

During these difficult economic times, AARP is committed to ensuring those in need have the information and access they need to programs like SNAP which offer some real relief and assistance in attaining a very basic life need. Help someone today.

AARP offers a step-by-step guide for helping people qualify for and enroll in SNAP.

Tell us your story. Have you successfully helped someone in need? Go to the Create the Good Online Community Group to chat with others.