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The Power of People

After 30 years in a career she loved, Gloria found herself unemployed and facing the biggest uphill battle of her life--rebuilding her home and life after Katrina.

Gloria DeCuir and her husband have lived in New Orleans all of their lives. Gentilly was home. But August 29th, 2005 changed all that.

Like so many along the Gulf Coast, Gloria and her husband evacuated to another state, commuting every week for three years to salvage what they could and rebuild their New Orleans home.

“To live in an environment where people were taking care of you instead of you taking care of your family was very, very difficult,” said Gloria DeCuir.

An independent, self-reliant woman, Gloria had always been able to provide for her family and the community. Now out of work, she soon realized that she needed to step up her community role in a big way.

“I was not as active in the community as I am now. I am president of the neighborhood association where I can help people connect with other people who are going through the same difficulties. We have a stronger voice as a group,” said Gloria.

A long-time AARP member, Gloria was thrilled to know that another group – the AARP Utilities Watchdog Team – was working to keep home energy rates affordable.

“I have an advocate. Not only me as an individual, but also to people in the community. Someone who can be a voice for us. Someone who can advocate on things that are in our best interest.”

Groceries, utilities, health care, insurance, mortgages. These types of expenses can take their toll on a family budget as Gloria knows.

Are you concerned about the costs of your utilities going up?

If you answered “yes”, you’re not alone. Over half of all AARP members in Louisiana are concerned about the rising costs of heating and cooling their homes, according to the latest AARP survey in Louisiana.

Louisiana’s residential consumers spend an average of $123.96 per month on their electricity, experiencing the highest bills in August and September.

Since 2007, AARP Louisiana has been fighting to stop unfair utility bill increases so you can keep more of the money you’ve earned. To Gloria, that’s important as she and her family work to rebuild.

AARP believes in the power of people.

Make your voice heard. Join the AARP Louisiana Utility Watchdog Team!

By becoming a member of the Utility Watchdog team, you will be kept up-to-date on proposals that could raise your home energy costs. You can join AARP staff to visit your Public Service Commissioner when important issues arise. And from the comfort of your own home, you can contact elected officials to voice your opinion on issues that matter the most to you.

Let’s work together to keep our home energy affordable!