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Help Paying Energy Costs Available to Nevadans

In December, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services announced that Nevada had received a grant of 11.8 million from the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEA) program. That’s good news for those Nevadans at 150 percent of poverty, as the award assures that the state will be able to serve all eligible applicants for the program in 2010 as well as increasing the amount of assistance available for each household.

Home Weatherization Can Lead to Savings Too

Whether you live in cooler climes or the desert heat, Nevada’s home weatherization programs can help you save money. Those eligible can obtain a free energy audit and some help with simple services designed to help better insulate your home. You can get help caulking or insulating doors and windows, replacing filters on healting and cooling units and other free resources.

Unfortunately, the biggest heating-cooling wasters are uninsulated homes with leaky attic ducts, single pane windows, and old, inefficient heating and cooling equipment. Dealing with those issues can require some real work and expense up front, but also tend to be very cost-effective.

Energy Companies Will Generally Work with You

You may be surprised to hear that many energy companies will work with you if you find yourself struggling financially to cover your energy bill. There are emergency funding sources, monthly budgeting plans and other resources available through NV Energy and Southwest Gas to help their customers make it through hard economic times.

Many Ways to Save on Energy Costs

Whether you are struggling financially or are trying to be smart with your dollar, there are many other ways to save on energy costs. Servicing your heating and cooling equipment annually improves efficiency and saves you money, buying energy star products from light bulbs to outdated or broken appliances can reduce your energy overhead; unplugging lights, appliances and other energy suckers from electrical outlets can save you a bundle. By doing a bit of research, you can be dollars ahead on your energy bills this season.

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