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Need Help With Finances? Ask Suze Orman

Best-selling author and educator answering questions on

Suze Orman

Courtesy of Suze Orman

Suze Orman is a financial educator and knows about money issues that older Americans face.

Looking for guidance with your finances? Get the advice you need from money expert Suze Orman.

As part of an upcoming series on, the best-selling author and financial educator will be answering questions about money issues faced by older Americans. If you need help with a financial decision, send in your question now to

Not sure how to invest your nest egg? Ask Suze. Want to know whether you should pay off your mortgage? Ask Suze. Social Security, estate planning, savings, insurance and retirement — whatever money issues are weighing on you, Suze can point you toward the right decision.

Suze will select some of your questions and record her answers on videos that will run on

So if you want help from Suze, send an email describing your situation and asking your question to And check your email: Someone from AARP may follow up to ask for more information about your circumstances.

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