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The 'Influentials' Who Help Us Save Money

Whether we know it or not, they shape our spending habits

  • The 'Influentials' Who Help Us Save Money - Suze Orman
    Ida Mae Astute/ABC/Getty Images

    Suze Orman

    Snookered by a sleazy broker when she was 29, Orman decided to turn that big mistake into big money: She went on to learn all she could about the markets. Now she’s all over the airwaves chiding us to spend smartly — and to save, save, save.

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  • The 'Influentials' Who Help Us Save Money -  Abigail Johnson
    Essdras M Suarez/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

    Abigail Johnson

    PRESIDENT, Fidelity Investments
    We all want the biggest bang for our 401(k) bucks, and Johnson (her own net worth said to be $12 billion) seems like a good bet to make them grow. As head of the investment company, she’s mother hen to more than $1 trillion in 401(k) nest eggs.

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  • The 'Influentials' Who Help Us Save Money - Richard Cordray
    Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg/Getty Images

    Richard Cordray

    CHIEF, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Fighting for Ohio residents as the state’s attorney general, he recovered more than $2 billion for retirees and investors. As the federal agency's first director, he keeps the little guy from being hoodwinked by unscrupulous lenders. 

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  • The 'Influentials' Who Help Us Save Money - Roger W. Ferguson Jr.
    Jennifer S. Altman/Contour/Getty Images

    Roger W. Ferguson Jr.

    He heads the company that manages the vast pool of retirement assets for workers in the nonprofit world. Plus, he’s a trusted economic adviser to President Obama.

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  • Grow nest egg
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    AARP Offer: Protect your money, grow your nest egg

    Take advantage of great information and tools and subscribe to AARP's Money Newsletter to help build your future and prevent your money from going down the drain. Join AARP and start saving for your dreams today.

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  • The 'Influentials' Who Help Us Save Money - Joe Baker
    Ben Hider/Getty Images

    Joe Baker

    PRESIDENT, Medicare Rights Center Navigating the arcane rules of Medicare can be like getting lost in a corn maze, only a lot less fun. As head of this patient education organization, Baker is dedicated to making the sometimes byzantine-seeming federal program more consumer-friendly.

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  • The 'Influentials' Who Help Us Save Money - Warren Buffett
    Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Getty Images

    Warren Buffett

    CEO, Berkshire Hathaway The Oracle of Omaha is considered the most successful investor in the modern world. In recent years he’s also been a loud proponent of higher taxes for the rich, so he may want to watch his back at the next neighborhood Billionaire’s Barbecue. 

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  • The 'Influentials' Who Help Us Save Money - Craig Newmark
    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Craig Newmark

    FOUNDER, Craigslist In 1995 he created Craigslist as a platform for free advertising. Not only did he change the way we buy and sell stuff  — some say he’s the Angel of Death to the newspaper business, once dependent on classified ads.

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  • The 'Influentials' Who Help Us Save Money - Consumers Union Chairman and Chief Executive Officer James Guest
    Haraz N. Ghanbari/AP Photo

    James Guest

    CEO, Consumers Union
    Generations of smart shoppers have consulted product evaluations in the CU's magazine, Consumer Reports, before spending a dime for a new cooktop or car. The organization has world’s most successful subscription-based website.

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