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On Your Side

Ask Ron Burley

Ron Burley, who has championed consumer rights since his days as a local TV and CNN correspondent, writes the On Your Side column for AARP The Magazine. A pilot in his spare time, Ron is the author of Unscrewed: The Consumer’s Guide to Getting What You Paid For.

Ask Ron About a Problem

8 Years of Exposing Scams

Consumer protection advocate celebrates years of resolving scams, bad contracts, and more

Money for Nothing?

DirecTV customer service included a final bill to pay for TV service that never worked

Customer Service

7 Things You Should Never Say to Customer Service

What words or phrases will make a customer service rep your immediate enemy? Ron Burley has seven answers

7 Things You Should Always Say to Customer Service

If you’ve had a bad experience with customer service, you know it’s easy to get angry. Here's a calmer way to resolve consumer issues

Illness Sinks a Cruise and Costs Thousands

When booking travel, protect your investment and possibly get your money back if an emergency occurs with these tips

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