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Cow Strikes, Mower Mishaps Are Among Insurance Claims

Water ski burns, human stampedes and other rarities were reported in 2016

Bizarre Medical Codes

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The report finds 1,700 people were struck by a cow, about 1 percent of the rate of dog bites.

Have you ever walked into a lamppost and ended up in the hospital? Or been struck by a chicken and forced to see a doctor? If so, you’ve got company among patients who reported rare or bizarre afflictions in 2016.

Amino, a health care start-up that gathers data from insurance claims, culled these and many other unusual happenings from the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revised Edition. Medical providers must determine a code for reimbursement purposes, and the publication lists every diagnosis for a medical condition and the corresponding code.

It covers everything from the relatively routine, like the first trimester of pregnancy, to the extremely bizarre, like “burn due to water skis on fire.”

Among the findings: About 10,600 people reported an accidental bite by another person; 1,700 were struck by a cow (about 1 percent of the rate of dog bites); and 200 were struck by a chicken.

Crowds can be dangerous, too: About 1,300 reported being crushed, pushed or stepped on in a human stampede.

But the rarities were not confined to incidents involving people or animals. About 3,400 reported “contact with powered lawn mower,” while 400 walked into a lamppost.

Some 600 were tagged for “contact with sword or dagger,” a category that to Amino may suggest — tongue presumably planted in cheek (no known diagnosis for that) — a rise in the number of “Game of Thrones” fans turned patients.

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