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Pay Down Your Debt Challenge: How It Works

Think you can put a dent in your debt? Enter our contest to see if your determination and motivation can win you a prize

1.  Use the red and black Debt Tracker tool to set a goal — how much do you want to pay off in a month?  Before you hit "Submit" you will be asked to enter the contest. Leave the box checked if you want to enter. If you don't want to enter the contest, you can uncheck the box and still track your debt reduction.

2. Join the Pay Down Your Debt Challenge group if you haven't already. To join the group, register for free on

3. We will post a new challenge each Monday in the Pay Down Your Debt Challenge group. Chime in on the discussion thread and your reply could win a prize. Weekly and overall prizes will be awarded to those who are creative and encouraging. Read our contest rules.

4. Keep your tips and success stories coming in the Pay Down Your Debt Challenge group. Lynnette will be there, answering questions and weighing in on the discussion.

5. Stay encouraged! You're on your way to becoming debt-free!

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