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More Ways to Save With These Fresh Ideas

Just-picked advice for AARP's 10th annual list of bargains, discounts, deals and more

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Nos. 71-89: Ideas for Frugal Living

71. Kill Old Subscriptions

En español | Paying for gym memberships you never use or magazines you never read? Trim scans your credit cards for recurring subscription and membership payments that you didn't realize you were still making.

72. Upgrade Your Fridge

A new model may reduce your electric bill by about $350 over five years. Also, your electric company may offer a rebate to its customers for buying an energy-efficient appliance.

73. Hot and Dry

Start a new load of laundry while the dryer is still warm. The machine doesn't have to warm up again, saving you energy dollars. And don't forget to clean the lint filter so your dryer will continue to run efficiently.

74. Get Savings Matched

Individual development accounts are designed to help people of modest means buy a house or start a business. Some programs provide up to $4 for every $1 you save. Go to to find community organizations that administer IDAs.

75. Prescription Savings

You might find a prescription medicine cheaper than one you are buying over the counter. The heartburn remedy Prilosec, for example, goes for about $10 for 14 tablets. But a prescription for 90 tablets of omeprazole can be had for a $10 copay, saving you around $60 a month.

76. Go with Store Brands

When buying nonprescription drugs, you should always go with the store brand. What's the difference between Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release gelcaps at $12.49 per 100 and Rite Aid Extra Strength Acetaminophen Rapid Release gelcaps for $8.99 per 100? Practically nothing, except you'll save $3.50.

77. Round Up and Save

Acorns is an app that automatically rounds up your credit card purchases to the nearest dollar. The extra change gets invested in stocks and bonds. Those pennies add up. You can save and invest an average of $30 a month.

78. Organic Optional

Fruits and veggies grown without the use of pesticides cost more. Each year, the Environmental Working Group updates its Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists to help you make decisions on when it is worth it to pay for organic.

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Slow Cooker Savings

You can make tough cuts of meat tender and flavorful. Stew meat averages $5.60 per pound, versus $8.30 for sirloin steak. Save $2.70 per pound.

80. Senior Discounts

There are lots of savings online for those 65-plus. Websites list age-based discounts on everything from restaurant meals to airline tickets. But you have to know where to look. Start with, and For more specific information, search “senior discounts."

81. Create a Money-Saving Email Address

Signing up for retailer rewards programs or sale notification emails can save you money. But you'll be deluged with spam. You can set up an email address just for those offers and keep your main account clean. Check the secondary account once in a while, especially before you shop at one of those retailers.

82. Toilet Running?

Take a look inside the tank before you pay a plumber a minimum of $75 for a service call. Usually a running toilet means the flapper at the bottom of the tank isn't closing properly. Sometimes adjusting the flapper chain or cleaning the seal does the trick, or you might need a new $5 flapper, which almost anyone can install in five minutes.

83. Track Your Finances is a free program that helps track your finances, create budgets and alert you when your bills are due. Quicken, another personal finance program, will run you $35. There is a catch: With Mint you'll see ads.

84. Don't Rinse Dishes

With modern dishwashers, it's not necessary to prewash dishes. Just scrape them off thoroughly into the garbage and load them. You'll save about 55,000 gallons of water over the lifetime of the dishwasher. That could save about $280, plus it will be good for the environment — and will avoid lots of unnecessary work.

85. Be Sale Savvy

Tell the free Shoptagr website and mobile app which clothing, shoes or accessories you are in the market for. The app is linked to over 3,000 online stores and can tell you when there are sales, when stock of an item is low or when it's available again.

86. Overseas Dorm Rooms

Some foreign universities rent rooms to summer travelers while their students are away on break. For example, in Perugia, Italy, you can spend a week at Casa Monteripido for $181 versus about $500 for the modestly priced Primavera Mini Hotel. Go to

87. Go Native in the Garden

Trees, flowers and other plants that are native to the region where you live will grow successfully with little or no watering, fertilizer or other human attention once they are established. Use local plants and save money while increasing your summer hammock time.

88. Reduce Your Lawn

Watering and cutting make the grass in your yard the most expensive and labor-intensive part of the property. Americans spend about $29 billion annually on their lawns — that's about $90 per person. Be creative. Patios, decks, planting beds, and rock and gravel patches can add visual interest to your property while saving you money.

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Veterans Deals and Discounts lists hundreds of companies that offer discounts to vets. The discounts range from $500 off an eligible new Ford vehicle to 10 percent off at some Burger King locations.

99 Ways to Save

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