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17 Ways to Save Up to 50 Bucks

99 ways to save 21 to 50 dollars

Dan Saelinger

Tip: Buy your AMC movie theater tickets in bulk at

En español |  Insulate your hot water lines. Preformed foam insulation jackets slip over hot water pipes in your basement. You could easily lower your energy bill by $40 per year.

Wait to upgrade your phone. Keep using your phone after you've paid it off, and drop the extended warranty. Total monthly savings: $45.

And replace dead or dying phone batteries. Order another battery online — for about $40 at several easy-to-find sites. You'll save up to $45 a month if you don't have to buy a new phone.

Buy bulk movie tickets. Tickets can cost $12.69 at an AMC theater. You can get 10 tickets shipped free from for $91.98. Savings: $34.90. Regal offers AARP members $9.50 tickets online.

Don't pay for redundant virus protection. Add-on software can cost $25, but your PC likely came with virus protection already loaded. Or try a free program such as Avast.

Have a Gmail account with Google? Set up the calendar to send email reminders when bills are due. This will help you budget and could save you $35 on a single late fee.

Parking at the airport? Prebook your long-term parking. At Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, parking is about $7 less a day if you prepay through its website. Savings: $28 over four days. AARP members can check savings at

Have your computer search for savings. Honey ( is a free extension you add to your web browser. When you shop online, click on the icon and it searches for coupons. For example, while shopping for a refrigerator at Sears, Honey found a code for an extra $35 off.

Get cell service from a mobile online network operator such as Tello or Ting. You'll pay full price for your phone, but after that you could save about $30 per month over major carriers.

Check out your local open mic. Enjoy great music without forking over $50 for a concert ticket. Open mics are free or cheap. Some performers are diamonds in the rough, but that's part of the fun.

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Split the costs of memberships. For example, an Amazon Prime account can be shared between two adults and up to four kids in a household. Potential savings: $49.50 a year.

Visit a massage school. A massage can cost $60 an hour. The Arizona School of Massage Therapy, as one example, charges $25 for a 50-minute massage. Savings: $35.

And get a beauty-school haircut. Empire Beauty Schools, for example, ask $9 for a cut. That's $34 less than the usual cost of a woman's haircut.

Attend spring training. See how your favorite baseball players work with their coaches — for free! Check out for locations and schedules. Savings: $30 (the average price of a ticket to a major league game).

Create an annual holiday: Apple Day! Once each autumn, visit a pick-your-own farm and stock up on apples. You'll pay about half what a store charges. So if you pay $18 to pick half a bushel, you'll save $24.

Buy tea in bags, not bottles. Twelve bottles of iced tea can cost $36 if bought individually. Teabags are about 10 cents apiece. Add two teaspoons of sugar at about 4 cents and make an equivalent amount of iced tea for $1.48. Your savings total more than $34.

Celebrate your birthday with free eats. The website Thrillist has a list of 75 major food chains that offer free items on your special day. Benihana restaurants, for exam- ple, offer $30 off during your birthday month.

99 Great Ways to Save

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