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9 Ways to Save Up to 200 Bucks

Environmental Batteries, 99 Ways to Save

Dan Saelinger

Tip: Rechargeable batteries won't drain your bank account.

Check supermarket pharmacies. Some national chains and discount stores offer common medications for free. If your deductible is $10, you'll save $120 a year on just one prescription.

Use rechargeable batteries. A battery charger and a couple of AA batteries that can be recharged hundreds of times will cost you about $40. Disposable AA batteries cost about 50 cents each, so you could save up to $150.

Kill unwanted charges. Trim ( hunts for unwanted recurring subscriptions on your credit cards. The site says it can save you $180 a year.

Become a YouTube handyperson and save on home repairs. For example, a YouTube video showing how to fix the latch spring on a microwave door could save the $150 you'd spend on a new appliance.

Stream fitness classes online. Online fitness classes such as Daily Burn, Crunchlive and YogaToday typically cost around $15 per month for unlimited access — about what you'd pay for a single in-person class. Use a $15 subscription 12 times a month and you'll save $165. Plus you get to decide when class starts.

Save on direct deposit. Some banks offer free money for opening a checking account with direct deposit. One national bank is offering a $200 bonus.

Don't pay for Microsoft Office. Download LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice. Their free programs are usually compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Savings: $150.

Quit drinking soda. Knock off a couple of two-liter bottles from your weekly shopping trip and drink water instead. You'll save roughly $120 a year.

Save painlessly. Qapital, a free app, transfers money from checking to a savings account based on triggers you set up. Money can be automatically deposited in savings each week, for example, or each time you meet your FitBit goal. The average monthly savings for Qapital users is $150.

99 Great Ways to Save

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