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13 Ways to Save Up to 100 Bucks

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Dan Saelinger

Tip: Buying reconditioned or refurbished products can save you a bundle.

En español |  If your car is driven under 5,000 miles a year, ask your insurer for a low-mileage discount. Average annual savings: $92.

Wash clothes in cold water. Change your settings to cold water and save $63 in energy costs per year.

Buy reconditioned products. That means it's been returned to the factory where it was inspected and refurbished to working order. Ignore the scuff mark, but make sure it comes with a warranty. A cordless drill that goes for $238 new can be bought refurbished for $157. Total savings: $81.

Buy tires online. The best price at a local tire shop was $448 for a particular set of tires, installed. The same tires were $300 at, with free delivery to a participating shop. Add $80 for installation. Savings: $68.

Dine at a culinary school. Students operate restaurants where the food is comparable to top eateries, but at much lower prices. For example, New Yorkers can enjoy a three-course prix fixe meal at the Bocuse Restaurant, run by the Culinary Institute of America, for $35. That can be a savings of $55 per person or more compared with urban eateries offering similarly sophisticated fare.

Avoid foreign transaction fees. Many credit cards add 3 percent to purchases on items bought overseas. When abroad, bring a card that doesn't charge this fee. On charges totaling $3,000, you'll save $90.

Make your own salad dressing. Store-bought salad dressing can cost $2.99 or more; why not make your own? A vinaigrette is 2 tablespoons wine vinegar, 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard, 1/2 teaspoon salt, ⅓ cup olive oil, and pepper to taste. Save $1.50 a week (the cost of roughly a half bottle of dressing) or up to $75 a year.

Prolong the life of your fruits and veggies. Wrap them with a paper towel and put them into a container or plastic bag. The towel will absorb water that causes rot. And line the produce drawer with paper towels. Save a few bucks a week, or $100 a year.

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Suspend your gym membership this summer, and take your exercise outdoors. You'll save around $58 a month.

Obsessed with a particular pricey clothing brand? Go to or similar sites for top-grade secondhand clothes. For example, a summer dress from Soma (retails for $59) was recently available for $18 plus shipping. Two or three purchases could save you $100.

Go meatless once a week. One study concluded that vegetarians save approximately $750 on their food bill each year. So by ditching meat one day a week, you should be able to save $100 a year.

Skip extended warranties on purchases. Just use the right credit card. Major credit card networks — American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard — provide extended warranty coverage for many products at no extra charge. Possible savings: $89 or more.

Shop through an online cash-back portal. Earn cash back by visiting retail websites through a shopping portal — or via the app — instead of your search bar. There are many, including Ebates, iBotta and BeFrugal. The average annual cash back through Ebates is about $100.

99 Great Ways to Save

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