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Get Cash Quick!

8 easy ways to raise funds fast

7 Ways to Raise Cash Quick

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If you're running low on funds, there are ways to raise cash quickly.

Get $670 in just a month*: Sell the shirt off your back

Rather than donate or toss your clothes, sell them through Tradesy (for women's designer goods) or The RealReal (men's and women's luxury clothes and jewelry). They do the selling; you collect the not-insignificant check.

Get $100 in just an hour: Redeem U.S. savings bonds

More than $23 billion worth of bonds have matured but have not been cashed in. Do it. A $100 Series E bond purchased 55 years ago for a child is now worth about $827.

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Get $1,000 in just a month: Tend A Pet

Love being around dogs? Become a dog sitter or walker through Fetch! Pet Care or Rover, which can connect you with owners.

Get $150 in just two hours: Join a focus group

Participating in a focus group earns you $50 to $250 for up to two hours of your time, during which you give your frank opinion on what could be anything from cereal packaging to a bank's mobile app. To be considered for a focus group, sign up online with a company like Fieldwork or Schlesinger Associates.

Get $500 in just a month: Rent out your car

If your vehicle is just sitting in the driveway, why not make money by renting it out, via websites such as Turo and Get-around? The sites, which take a share of the rental income, vet customers and insure vehicles, too.

Get $1,000 in a couple of months: Refer a Friend

Recommending a job candidate to your employer could earn you a cash bonus if the person is hired. About two-thirds of employers offer incentives to employees for referring a new hire—and the fee can top as much as $10,000.

Get $250 in just a few weeks: Clean house

Selling your old stuff keeps getting easier. Craigslist, largely free, remains a major online marketplace. But mobile apps Letgo and OfferUp also make it simple and are free as well.

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Get $1,000 in a few days**: Tap insurance

Permanent life insurance has an investment component that builds up cash. If you have such a policy, you can withdraw or borrow some of that cash, no credit check needed. But beware: Either option could lower your death benefit.

*All figures are estimates.

**The amount of cash built up in a policy depends on a variety of factors, such as premiums paid, how long you've held the policy and the interest rate at which cash accrues.

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