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13 Ways to Save and Stay Stylish

How to save money and still look great

  • Do-it-yourself BB cream.
    Photo by Sam Kaplan

    1. Do-it-yourself blemish-balm cream

    En español | Lois Joy Johnson, Beauty and Style Expert: Mix a dab of foundation with a dab of daily moisturizer to make your own BB cream. The combo protects and hydrates skin, and covers up discolorations.

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  • Go natural, save money on manicures.
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    2. Go natural on manicures

    Remove polish stains with a homemade whitening paste. Mix one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide with two tablespoons baking soda and apply to polish-free nails — under tips, too — for 10 minutes. Wipe off residue. Then use a nail buffer to give nails a healthy, pinkish sheen.

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  • Let dry shampoo multi-task.
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    3. Let dry shampoo do many jobs

    Forget buying mousses, gels or creams. Dry shampoo works as a second-day hair freshener, adds bulk to thin hair and won't leave hair greasy or sticky.

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  • Choose suede. Buy low-price suede shoes or booties instead of inexpensive leather.
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    4. Choose suede

    Buy low-price suede shoes or booties instead of inexpensive leather. Suede looks more posh.

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  • Extend hair color touch ups.
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    5. Go longer between hair-coloring appointments

    Zigzag your part to camouflage roots. Apply a mineral powder to the gray, or spray it with a root cover-up. If your hair is dark, use gray or brown eye shadow to cover roots.

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  • Use scented dryer sheets for more than laundry.
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    6. Rescue stinky shoes

    Put scented dryer sheets in the toes overnight to deodorize. Also, slip dryer sheets inside luggage to prevent musty travel odors.

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  • If you¹re looking for great clothing sales, July and January are the best times to shop.
    Photo by Sam Kaplan

    7. Shop in July or January

    Dan Chizzoniti, Men's Fashion Expert: Stores need to clear the racks to make way for the next season, so items are heavily discounted.

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  • If you decide to splurge, make sure to check back on the price of the item within two to four weeks after the purchase.
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    8. Check prices after you buy

    Retailers often will refund the difference if a splurge item you bought goes on sale shortly after your purchase. 

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  • Want to get more for the money you spend on clothing? Shop through airline miles programs or rebate sites.
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    9. Buy clothes through online airline miles programs or rebate sites

    The more you spend, the more points you get that you can use later.

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  • Use double-duty grooming products.
    Photo by Sam Kaplan

    10. Use double-duty grooming products

    Marissa Stephenson, Men's Style Expert: For example, an inexpensive multitasker essential oil can be used as a moisturizer, face wash and aftershave, and it's light enough to tame unruly hair.

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  •  Use shampoo sparingly, and less often.
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    11. Use shampoo sparingly

    Your hair won't get any cleaner from using a palmful of product versus a dime-size amount, and washing every other day is healthier than shampooing daily.

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  • Buy better quality clothes.
    Photo by Sam Kaplan

    12. Buy better quality clothes

    Six or seven great pieces that you can mix and match will not only look more stylish, they'll hold up longer than a dozen cheaply made garments that you'll have to throw out by season's end. Even better, buy quality apparel on sale.

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  • Stay neutral. For clothing staples such as coats or sweaters, choose colors that are neutral.
    Photo by Sam Kaplan

    13. Stay neutral

    For clothing staples such as coats or sweaters, choose colors that are neutral. That way you can wear them more often without it being obvious.

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