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Do You Really Need That Insurance?

Do You Really Need that Insurance?

Dan Saelinger

While some specialty insurance policies are necessary, others are just a waste of money.

En español | Travel? Cellphone? Pet? We break down which specialty insurance policies can make sense:

Rental-car insurance

Buy if: You don't have a car — and therefore don't already have car insurance — or if you'll be driving in a location where your existing policy may not cover you (such as overseas).

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Don't buy if: You call your insurance company in advance of your trip and learn you have coverage for the location where you'll be driving.

Pet insurance

Buy if: You would do anything for your pet, even finance, say, $15,000 cancer treatments on a credit card, or pay for a host of expensive second opinions from vets for a particular surgery.

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Don't buy if: You are unlikely to opt for expensive medical treatments for your pet, even if it becomes a life-or-death choice.

Homeowner's insurance rider covering valuables

Buy if: You have individual pieces of jewelry or art that are worth more than what your basic homeowner's insurance policy covers (sometimes only $1,500 to $2,500 total).

Don't buy if: Your policy has a higher limit for individual items of value (sometimes up to $10,000; check with your insurer).

Extended warranty/device insurance

Buy if: You're covering a high-value portable device (such as a smartphone) and you're prone to losing or breaking gear — or if you need a lot of included tech support.

Don't buy if: Your budget could handle replacing a $500 phone without a serious financial crisis — or if rather than trading in your old one, you keep it as a backup.

Travel insurance

Buy if: You've prepaid for an expensive, nonrefundable trip or your health insurance won't cover you where you're going. When choosing, note any exclusions, including reasons for cancellation and preexisting medical conditions.

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Don't buy if: Your flights are changeable and reservations are cancellable without a penalty or if you book using a credit card providing free insurance.