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5 Tips to Save on Cars and Gas

Keep your vehicle in good driving shape and fill up with cheap fuel before hitting the road

1. Check technical service bulletins

If you get your car serviced at the dealer, always check for any technical service bulletins (or search for them on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website). In some cases, you might save on a repair that's covered by the manufacturer even if the warranty is expired.

2. Get gas perks with store cards and credit cards

If you charge your gas, you can get cash back, rebates, reward points or a discount at the pump. Check free online reviews of credit cards that offer gas perks at or

3. Fuel up with apps

Find cheap gas nearby with GasBuddy, Gas Guru or Waze. All are free apps for your smartphone.

4. Be a sensible driver

You can lower your gas mileage by over 30 percent at highway speeds and by 5 percent while driving around town by simply avoiding speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking. You'll also be a safer driver — and that's best for everyone!

5. Be window wise

Keep your windows closed when driving over 55 mph on the highway. Open windows can reduce your gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. However, in stop-and-go traffic, save on gas by opening the windows and turning off the air conditioning.


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