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2014 Survey of AARP Members in Wyoming

Nearly half (45%) of AARP members in Wyoming oppose the deregulation of traditional telephone services in Wyoming, and a quarter (25%) of members support it.  

Almost three in four (74%) AARP members in Wyoming report having traditional telephone service in their homes.  This type of service is received through a telephone line physically connected to their homes that enable them to make and receive both local and long distance calls.  Of these members who have traditional telephone service, nearly half (48%) oppose deregulation, and a quarter (25%) supports it.

About one in five AARP members who were surveyed live in a rural area of Wyoming.  Of these members, over half (52%) oppose deregulation, and two in ten (21%) support it.

This mail survey was conducted in June, July, and August, 2013 among a random sample of 2,000 AARP members in Wyoming. A total of 728 completed surveys were returned by the cutoff date. Survey responses were weighted to reflect the distribution by age and gender within AARP membership in the State of Wyoming. For more information, contact Terri Guengerich at