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2014 Connecticut Electric Utility Survey

This telephone survey of Connecticut electric utility customers shows there is heavy marketing from alternative suppliers to the 50+ population and there is a desire among these customers to curtail some of the marketing practices.  Respondents support a number of consumer protection proposals for door-to-door sales, variable rate contracts, and price disclosures.  Respondents also support giving state regulators enforcement resources to supervise the alternative supply market.

As part of their efforts to ensure affordable energy and marketplace protection for all electricity customers, AARP Connecticut commissioned a telephone survey of 800 Connecticut residents age 50 and older to learn about their opinions on electric utility marketing and regulations. This report highlights results from electricity customers who were interviewed for the study between March 11 and March 16, 2014. The data in this report has been weighted to reflect the Connecticut population age 50 and older. For more information, contact Kate Bridges at