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Money Management Programs in Iowa: What Service Providers Say

Among the approximately 2.8 million age 60+ persons in the United States currently experiencing money management difficulties are some 30,400 Iowa residents. About 17,100 of these older Iowans would be eligible for assistance from the AARP Money Management Program (MMP) which is not presently being offered in Iowa where such services are provided on an ad hoc basis through a number of different locally based groups.

The purpose of this 2005 assessment is to identify current providers of similar services and the clients who could benefit from access to bill payer/representative payee services. Specifically, it seeks to identify:

  • Who, if anyone, in Iowa is providing similar services
  • Potential partners for future MMP opportunities
  • Client and service provider needs
  • A state coordinating agency to oversee the MMP

Of the 182 service organizations surveyed by mail between April and July, 82 percent reported receiving calls from or having contact with mid-to-low income clients who have problems managing their money because of mental, physical or social incapacity. Organizations participating in the survey include the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), Polk County Senior Services, Community Points of Contact/General Relief Specialists (CPC/GRS), Iowa Adult Day Services Association, Iowa Community Action Agencies Association, Iowa Department of Public Health/Home Health contract agencies, Iowa Family Caregiver Support Coordinators, and the Iowa League of Credit Unions.

Further information about the study may be obtained by contacting its author, Dr. Silberman, at 202-434-6339. (18 pages)