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South Carolina Money Management Needs Assessment

AARP South Carolina commissioned a survey, conducted from March to May of 2005, to assess the need for a state-wide Money Management Program (MMP) and explore the willingness of state organizations to work with such a program in various ways, including referring of clients, serving on an advisory council, or co-sponsoring their local program.

AARP South Carolina identified 337 organizations across the state likely to have contact with individuals having money management issues because of mental, physical, or social incapability. The selected organizations are primarily service providers in one or more of four major areas: aging, health/mental health, social service, and disability. Respondents returned a total of 178 completed surveys (of the 337 mailed) for a 53 percent response rate.

Survey results suggest that a need exists for a state-wide MMP and conditions favor its development.

Key findings:

  • About seven in ten respondents (68%) say they provide money management assistance to individuals who need help managing their money because of mental, physical, or social incapability. However, a majority note that the services are provided informally.
  • Most respondents (80%) say there exists either a major (37%) or moderate (43%) need for a corps of trained, supervised, monitored, and insured volunteers who can provide money management assistance.
  • Nearly nine in ten respondents (87%) are willing to work with an MMP in their community, 79% are willing to serve as an advisor to such a program, and 44% are willing to co-sponsor the local program.

The data were collected from March to May, 2005 by AARP State Member Research via mailed surveys. The report was prepared by Anita Stowell-Ritter and Rachelle Cummins, both of AARP Knowledge Management. For more information contact Anita Stowell-Ritter (, 202-434-6205 or Rachelle Cummins (, 202-434-6297. (33 pages)

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