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2005 Survey of Georgia AARP Members

AARP Member Opinion Research

This mail survey examines the thoughts and opinions of Georgia AARP members regarding their gas, electric, telephone, cellular, and Internet services. Among the respondents’ top concerns are the rising cost of natural gas and electricity and of telephone and Internet services.

Survey highlights include:

  • Six in ten (61%) Georgia members say their electric utility bills have increased in the last three years, and over three-fourths (77%) say they are at least somewhat concerned about their ability to afford future electric rate increases.
  • Of those who have natural gas service at home, almost eight in ten (79%) say that their natural gas bills have increased over the past three years, 67% say they are paying too much for their service, and more than eight in ten (81%) are at least somewhat concerned about being able to afford future natural gas increases.
  • Half (49%) of Georgia members say their telephone service bill has increased in the past three years, while 42 percent say it has stayed about the same, and 57 percent say they pay too much for their telephone service.
  • Almost three-fourths (74%) of Georgia members have cellular phone service.
  • Seven in ten (73%) members say they would support a bill that would allow cell phone customers the right to terminate their service contractsup to 20 days after receiving their first bill without incurring a penalty.
  • More than six in ten (62%) Georgia members have Internet access at home. Almost half (47%) use dial-up service, while 32 percent have DSL. Over four in ten (46%) say they pay too much for their Internet access.

AARP conducted this survey between July and August 2005. Researchers at AARP randomly selected 4,000 AARP members in Georgia, making sure to select members proportionate to each of three age groups: 50 to 59, 60 to 74, and 75+. Samples were weighted by age group to represent the state’s AARP membership. Further information may be obtained from Rachelle Cummins at (202) 434-6297 or Erica Dinger at (202) 434-6176, both of AARP Knowledge Management.

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