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AARP Wyoming Legislative Issues Survey: Utilities

This report explores the opinion of Wyoming AARP members about their utilities. Specifically, members rate priority of the Wyoming Public Service Commission (WPSC) to ensure both the quality of utility service and the affordability of utility rates for residential customers.

The study, which is part of a larger survey of 1,117 Wyoming AARP members, found that:

  • More than nine in ten respondents say it should be a top (56%) or high priority (36%) for the WPSC to ensure high-quality service and affordable utility rates for all residential customers.
  • More members rate each of the utility services listed in the survey as "good" rather than "excellent."
  • Electric and gas receive generally good ratings.
  • Respondents give their cable company the poorest rating for service quality. Almost half rate the quality of service as "poor" or "fair."
  • Respondents are somewhat displeased with their local and long-distance telephone service. Almost one-quarter rate the quality of services from their local telephone company (22%) and cable company (27%) as "fair," and about one in seven or less rate each utility company's service as "poor."

A total of 1,117 Wyoming AARP members aged 50 and older completed the mail survey in July-August 2002. For more information, contact Jennifer Sauer at 202-434-6207. (15 pages)

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