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Survey of State Investment Adviser Laws: A Chartbook

This 42-page PPI report authored by Maureen Thompson of The Hastings Group updates information on the content of state investment adviser laws and the capacity of state securities agencies to protect investors from fraud, and unfair and deceptive practices in the sales of securities. The original report was published in 1993. The regulation of investment adviser firms and representatives to prevent fraud and assure fair and honest dealings in the sale of securities assumes increasing importance as more Americans invest in these financial instruments to accumulate savings for their retirement. Passage of the Investment Advisers Supervision Coordination Act of 1996 established a new system of regulatory oversight for investment advisers and made state securities agencies responsible for overseeing investment adviser firms managing assets of $25 million or less. In addition, the Coordination Act gave states the authority to require registration of investment adviser representatives of both small and large firms. This survey updates our knowledge of state law and oversight capacity since the Coordination Act was passed, and will assist in guiding AARP's advocacy with regard to assuring that adequate legal authority and resources are available at the state level to protect investors from fraud, and unfair and deceptive practices.

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