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Money $marts: Spend Less, Save More and Stay Sharp

The stock market is up and interest rates are down, but for many Washingtonians the effects of the recession are far from over. Consumers continue to feel battered and overwhelmed by record unemployment, soaring debt, dwindling retirement accounts, scams and schemes, and an increasingly aggressive marketplace vying for their hard earned money.

That’s why AARP launched a series of seminars across the state called “Money $marts.” The events featured leading experts and advocates in consumer protection, including the State Attorney General’s Office, Microsoft, the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, the University of Washington Institute on Aging, Stanford University, the Department of Financial Institutions, KCTS 9, the Federal Trade Commission, the Washington State Crime Prevention Association, the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission and the Social Security Administration.

Thousands of consumers attended the events and learned how to spend less, save more and stay sharp. But if you missed the events, don’t worry. Our team gathered for one last special event at the KCTS 9 studios in Seattle, and each presentation is available online for viewing.

View the presentations below. Extra links for more information are also included.

Outsmarting the Marketplace
Doug Shadel, AARP State Director
What marketers know about you and how they convince you to buy. Steps you can take to avoid expensive impulse purchases that you can’t afford and may later regret. Also, download a copy of AARP’s tip sheet, “The Dos and Don’ts of Avoiding Impulse Buying”.

Consumer Smarts: Scams ripped from the headlines
Doug Walsh, Chief, Consumer Protection Division Attorney General’s Office
Bob Schroeder, Regional Director, Federal Trade Commission

Scams and schemes ripped from today’s headlines, including topics such as employment schemes, wire transfer dangers, lending scams, and ID Theft census scams. More information is also available online from the Attorney General’s Office  and the FTC.

Outsmarting Investment Fraud
John Gannon, President, FINRA Investor Education Foundation
Martin Cordell, Enforcement Attorney, Department of Financial Institutions

How fraudsters try to separate you from your money. And how to stop them. For more, visit FINRA and DFI online.

Stay Sharp on the Internet
Tiffany Teichrow, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Group
Tips and tools that can help Internet users protect their personal information, and online shoppers stay safer and more secure. More info is also available online from Microsoft.

Successful Aging and Staying Sharp
Asuman Kiyak, Ph.D., Director, University of Washington Institute on Aging
How changing social networks and financial adequacy can improve quality of life but can sometimes lead people to make bad decisions. Also the importance of maintaining physical and cognitive health, as well as social connectedness for optimal aging.

Investment Smarts
Andy Landis, Consultant, Thinking Retirement
Six simple ideas for investment success for those in or near retirement.

Be sure to check back soon for more one-on-one interviews and tips from our team of experts.