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AARP Closer Look (SM) June 2010 Survey

How do social and economic changes on health, financial and livable communities issues affect Americans age 45 and older? This report from this Closer Look survey from June of 2010 reveals that reported economic hardships are widespread though relatively concentrated among certain age cohorts and race/ethnicity groups.

Key findings include:

  • Respondents reported economic issues such as having to stop contributing to retirement savings (28%), having work hours cut or having to take a pay cut (20%), and having problems paying for essential items like food and utilities (20%).
  • Nearly one in 5 respondents (20%) reported having difficulties with health care related expenses, with 33% of African American respondents reporting difficulties with health care expenses compared to 29% of Hispanic respondents and 17% of white respondents. One in three respondents 45+ (33%) put off or postponed getting needed health care or dental care treatments.
  • Community issues included affordable housing (26%), practical and convenient public transportation options (17%), foreclosures (16%), and safe walking (11%).

A nationally representative sample of 1,000 respondents 45 years of age or older completed ICR telephone interviews during June 9 – June 30, 2010.  Of those, 100 respondents were Hispanic and 100 respondents were African American. AARP Closer Look (SM) is an AARP-commissioned nationwide tracking survey program. For more information on these findings, contact Gerard Rainville at 202-434- 6295.