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Boomers Need Pets and Vacations in Retirement

When it comes to retirement lifestyle, some boomers have interesting views on needs versus luxuries.

A new study indicates 66 percent of boomers say that being able to buy birthday gifts is a need, 51 percent see pet care the same way, and 50 percent view annual family vacations as indispensable.

Financial priorities were examined in an online MainStay Investments' Boomer Retirement Lifestyle Study of 1,049 workers ages 45 to 65 with investable liquid assets of at least $100,000.

Although people have traditionally thought "food, clothing and shelter" when retiring, "boomers are expanding it to cover a much more diverse list," says MainStay Investments spokesman Matthew Leung.

Blair S. Walker frequently writes for the Bulletin's In the News section.

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