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Cut Carbon, Collect Cash

What’s better than saving money on your energy bills? Getting paid to do it.

At a free Web site,, you can calculate your carbon footprint—the emissions you generate from using energy at home—and then learn no-hassle ways to save energy. Even better, future cuts in energy use are verified by the Web site and sold on the global carbon-credit market, and your money is deposited into a free PayPal account.

To get started, register on the Web site and enter your energy usage from 12 months of heating and electricity bills. That information is typically listed on each bill. As you then reduce your energy consumption, as documented by uploading new utility bills, MyEmissionsExchange certifies and sells each carbon credit. A one-ton reduction in annual carbon emissions is currently trading for about $18.

The payback? By reducing energy use 10 percent, the typical household can slash $400 a year from its utility bills and earn about $70 by selling carbon credits, says CEO Tom Reilly.

Sid Kirchheimer writes about consumer and health issues.