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In Focus: Work Disability and Early Retirement

Four papers examine the characteristics of early retirees and people with work disabilities and policy options that could improve their health and financial security.  

The Characteristics of Social Security Beneficiaries Who Claim Benefits at the Early Entitlement Age

Xiaoyan Li, Michael Hurd, and David Loughran examine the characteristics of workers who claim Social Security benefits at the earliest entitlement age.

David Stapleton of Mathematica Policy Research proposes a program to encourage later retirement by helping older workers increase their earnings and postpone reliance on their retirement benefits until the benefits are larger.

19 Million Working Age Americans Have a Disability that Limits or Prevents Work

Ellen O’Brien and Carlos Figueiredo explain why people with disabilities are often at a disadvantage in the labor market and call for insurance and assistance programs to provide more timely and adequate support.

Social Security Disability Insurance:  A Primer

Ellen O’Brien provides an overview of the Social Security Disability Insurance program, including how the program works, who it serves, how it is administered, and how it is financed.