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Best Deals for Winter Shopping

Save on NFL tickets, bubbly, wrapping paper and more

Temperatures aren’t the only things that fall in the winter. Prices also drop on everyday and big-ticket items.

Mark Di Vincenzo, author of the best-selling book Buy Ketchup in May and Fly at Noon: A Guide to the Best Time to Buy This, Do That and Go There, says there are plenty of winter bargains to be had. Some might even surprise you.

December: Other than April, the best prices of the year on most electronics can be found in December. According to Mark, it's also the best month to buy both NFL tickets and champagne (assuming you think your team is going to have something to celebrate). "Yes, it's true," Mark told me. "You'd think with the demand so high around the holidays, champagne would cost a premium. But so much champagne is sold during the holiday season, the market competition is fierce and prices often drop during December."

And speaking of champagne, the period leading up to Christmas is a good time to shop for a wedding dress, since retailers stock up in anticipation of all of the marriage proposals happening over Christmas/New Year's. And finally, Mark says that Christmas may be the best time to make an offer on a new home. "Sellers are in a good and generous mood … and people who are selling their homes in December very often are eager sellers, or else they'd wait until the spring." That makes sense.

January:  If there's anything left over from the post-Christmas rush, there are plenty of low prices on wrapping paper, decorations and holiday cards. Bicycle and motorcycle deals can be found since the manufacturers are making room for newer models and sales tend to be slow during winter months. Older TV sets are also discounted to make room for the current year's stock.

February: Find end-of-season deals on winter coats. Your selection may be limited, but you'll save. While you're shivering, consider whether your air conditioner may need replacing, as more people are focused on heating repairs in the winter. If you're looking to replace home appliances (washer/dryer and dishwasher), check out Presidents Day deals. Also, shutterbugs can take advantage of discounted cameras (even though they may be last year's models).

March: January through March is an ideal time to go boat shopping. Also, spring is the season to start thinking about replacing your furnace. You can also catch the tail end of post-holiday video-game sales. With spring just around the corner, take advantage of post-winter deals and buy a snowblower.

Jeff Yeager is the author of The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches, The Cheapskate Next Door, and Don’t Throw That Away!. His website is and follow him on Twitter.

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