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Have Postage Rates Gone Up?

For many businesses they have

Q. I recently read that postage rates have gone up, but I haven't seen any difference. What gives?

A. You probably haven't noticed a change because the cost to mail bills, birthday cards and other first-class letters weighing up to an ounce remains the same at 44 cents.

Postage costs are rising again, mailbox with red flag upright, letters peeking out of opening

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Postage costs are rising again — mainly for businesses.

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But on April 17, the cost for each additional ounce went up 3 cents, to 20 cents. This rise is part of a package of increases in which businesses are bearing the brunt: Banks now pay more to mail you credit card offers, publishers more to send you magazines, stores to send you catalogs.

Carole Fleck is a senior editor at the AARP Bulletin.