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Make the Most of Your Money

A best-selling financial advice book gets a refresh

Jane Bryant Quinn Making the most of your money personal finance grow market


Jane Bryant Quinn's "Making the Most of Your Money NOW" offers personal financial advice in simple, understandable terms.

Shortly after the release of Jane Bryant Quinn's Making the Most of Your Money NOW in 2009, Consumer Reports magazine named it the best personal finance book on the market. Now updated and rereleased to reflect the ever-changing economy, the book still dispenses Quinn's best money advice in simple, understandable terms. For example, she asks these questions of those in mid-career or planning for imminent retirement: "What is it that you have to have to pay your expenses? Can you fit your expenses into the paycheck or pension or income that you have? And if not, what are you going to do about it?"

One easy way to cut down on spending is to limit yourself to cash-only transactions for day-to-day purchases, Quinn tells AARP Radio host Mike Cuthbert. "There's something about spending cash, when your fingers touch that green stuff," she says, "and you say, 'Wait a minute, do I want to go back to the ATM? Do I really want to spend this money?' You have a whole different psychological feeling about it."

As for the right amount of money people need to save so that they can retire comfortably, Quinn says it's different for everyone. "The magic number," she says, "ultimately is what you actually have, and how you are going to live within it."