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2013 AARP Connecticut Affordable Energy Survey

New polling shows older Connecticut voters oppose recent electric utility proposals being considered by state legislators that would limit choice of electricity plans and potentially increase rates for some customers.  

Seven out of ten registered voters in Connecticut age 50 and older say they oppose the “energy auction” proposal which would sell the rights to provide electric service to thousands of current CL&P and UI customers.   

Further, the survey also asked older registered voters for their opinions about the current Standard Plan option for electricity and proposals being considered that would require mandatory “time of day” or “peak use” rate plans for residential customers.  The survey found that:

  •  Four out of five residents believe that offering a Standard Plan is an important way to help keep electricity costs down and support the state continuing to require electric companies to provide a standard offer plan.  
  • Three out of  five Connecticut registered voters age 50+ oppose making “time-of-day” or “peak use” rate pricing plans mandatory.

Poll results are based on a telephone survey of 800 Connecticut residents age 50+ who are registered to vote.  The survey was conducted between March 14 and March 28, 2013.  For more information, contact Kate Bridges at or 202-434-6329.

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