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2011 Survey of 50+ Connecticut Residents on Electric Utilities

AARP’s Connecticut State Office, in response to its commitment to ensure affordable electric rates and consumer protections for all residents, commissioned this survey to explore the views of 50+ residents regarding new ways to purchase electricity and the establishment of consumer protections. Those ages 50+ represent 39 percent of all adults in Connecticut.

Key findings include:

  • Eight in ten Connecticut residents age 50+ are concerned about the rising costs of electricity in their homes, and many think they are currently paying too much for electricity.
  • Most Connecticut residents age 50+ believe the Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) should find ways to reduce electric rates, and many think elected officials are not doing enough to help electric utility customers.
  • The vast majority of Connecticut residents age 50+ supports legislation to establish consumer protections for electric utility customers of new electric suppliers.
  • Nearly six in ten 50+ residents in Connecticut say would be more likely to vote for a candidate for state office who supports strengthening consumer protections for electric utility customers and only one percent say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who supports this.

These results are based on a telephone survey of 802 Connecticut residents age 50+ fielded by Woelfel Research Inc. from March 21 - April 1, 2011.   For more information, please contact Joanne Binette at 202.434.6303.