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How To Save Some Money on Groceries

Even in the best of times people love saving money on their food budget when the opportunity presents itself. So, it’s no surprise that while things are getting tight in the Virgin Islands economy, people are keeping a watchful eye on ways to make their scarce food dollars go just a bit farther.

Did you know that you can actually save quite a bit of money if you take advantage of manufacturers’ coupons?

You might say to yourself, “yes I could save, but coupons aren’t accepted in Virgin Islands stores.” And, that’s where the Virgin Islands law is on your side. According to the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (DLCA) currently dated manufacturer coupons are required to be accepted by all merchants doing business in the Virgin Islands .

You might also ask, “What if the store manager says they only honor their own store brand coupons?” According to the DLCA, coupons generally come from the product manufacturer and not from stores, so if a store carries the product you have a coupon for, the store must honor your coupon regardless of whether it is the store’s own brand.

Coupons can be found in a variety of places: in newspapers or magazines, inside product packaging, or even right there in the store itself. And, there are a variety of websites on the internet which will allow you to search for coupons for exact products you plan to buy during your next trip to the grocer. You can download these coupons, print them and, as long as the date hasn’t expired, Virgin Islands merchants are legally required to honor them.

Read the coupon carefully because information may be printed in the details which limit the number you can purchase using the coupon, or the number you can purchase during each store visit. DLCA is available to help anyone having difficulties using coupons and urges shoppers to contact their office in St. Thomas at 773-3130; St. Croix at 773-2226 or on St. John at 690-8036.

AARP can even help you find what coupon you might be looking for. Happy Savings!