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Phony Census Workers

Q. I read recently that the 2010 census is under way. When someone claiming to be a census worker knocks on my door, how can I be sure that he or she is legitimate?

A. First, ask to see a photo ID and a badge that shows that the person represents the U.S. Census Bureau. The worker will also have a hand-held device that is used to take your information, a canvas census bag and a confidentiality notice.

Census workers will not ask for your Social Security number or for information about your bank accounts or credit cards. The Better Business Bureau advises you not to invite the worker, or anyone you don’t know, into your home. To protect against identity theft, the BBB also warns you never to give out personal or financial information to anyone who shows up at your door.

For more tips, go to the Better Business Bureau online at

Source: Better Business Bureau

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