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alan alda sits on a metal staircase

Alan Alda Wants Us to Communicate

Our favorite TV doctor prescribes laughter as a start

Our Top Picks

Actress and musician Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson Delights in Her Many Roles

The actress and singer finds her voice in songwriting and discusses her recovery from COVID-19

a pile of money with a flag that says help planted on top of the heap

Simple Ways to Declutter Your Finances

Cut back on credit cards, trim mutual funds and go digital

vision check device attached to a smartphone

New Vision Tests and Tech Can Help Save Your Sight

Bright new solutions to detect and treat eye diseases more readily


Jay Leno sitting down

Handling Life During the Pandemic

Jay Leno is making face masks for first responders and driving classic cars

black and white photo taken in the nineteen fifties or sixties of five teenage boys all smiling and laughing peeking out the windows of their car

Cruising the Drag Is Getting a Revival

In small towns, social distancing brings back a simpler form of entertainment

doctor sanjay gupta standing outdoors with arms crossed looking thoughtful

Sanjay Gupta’s Quest for Better Brain Health

He's spent a lifetime trying to understand the human mind


Happy Birthday

Actress Gena Rowlands and Dr. Mehmet Oz

Milestone Celebrity Birthdays in June

Gena Rowlands, Dr. Oz and other well-known people celebrate big ones this month


Trending Now

nighttime shot of the jimmy autry prison and yard in georgia taken from outside

Criminals Operate Jury Duty Scam From State Prison

Using illegal cellphones, scammers raked in more than $300K

collage of images including electric drip coffee maker, lego and mr potato head toys, subway and big mac sandwiches, skateboarding, the beatles, chapstick, and tom cruise wearing both aviator and ray ban sunglasses

50 Things Over 50 We Still Love Every Day

From the microwave to The Beatles, what would life be like without these classics?

U.S. map with illustrated free offer stickers

Freebie Offers Too Good to Pass By

Where to find useful products and services that you don't have to drop a dollar on


Don't Miss

Hip-Hop at Middle Age: Rap Pioneers Reflect

DMC, YoYo, Rakim, Kurtis Blow and other OGs on the musical movement that took the world by storm


The Rhythm is Gonna Get You: Celebrating Latin Music

A look at the pioneering musicians who brought their cultural influences and rhythm to the masses


Why Phone Scammers Turn to Threats

Fraudsters increasingly use fear tactics to target and con their victims


Is There a Medical Cure for Loneliness?

With older Americans at higher risk for social isolation, science may have a treatment





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