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Internal Resources: Where We Live

These materials are provided as reference and for educational and outreach use by AARP staff and volunteers. Please DO NOT share the URL to this page

For use by AARP staff and volunteers only

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Where We Live 100+


Where We Live: Communities for All Ages  — a book by Nancy LeaMond, AARP Executive Vice President, Community, State and National Affairs — highlights initiatives that mayors nationwide have launched to improve their communities, respond to pressing issues, and build partnerships.

AARP's hope is that by spotlighting these efforts and initiatives, we'll jar loose even more examples and ideas of how our nation's cities and towns can be more livable for people of all ages.

1. The Public Page

You can share and promote the page and URL with members of the public, including the media and local officials.

Download these social media images via the links at left.

3. Social Media

Spread the word via Facebook and Twitter by using the images (pictured) and the customizable posts found in the following documents: 

4. Promotional Event

Host an event so we can highlight a town or city in your area as part of our Where We Live outreach activities by having AARP and a local mayor team up at a volunteer project that makes a community more livable for people of all ages. (For instance, local media and residents could be invited to an event that the mayor, an AARP representative and a community partner kick off with very brief remarks that also mention the book.) Interested? Let us know!

5. Listen To This Teletown Hall

Megan Hookey, Vice President, AARP Office of Volunteer Engagement, speaks with Nancy LeaMond about Where We Live (57 minutes). Listen Now!

6. Ready-Made Resources And Text You Can Share 

7. Spread The Word About AARP Livable Communities

Encourage members of your commmunity and target audience to subscribe to the award-winning AARP Livable Communities e-Newsletter, follow @AARPLivable and @NancyLeaMond on Twitter and make use of our many resources:

AARP LivabilityFact Sheets

Download the collection or select from the 11 individual fact sheets.

The AARP Livability Fact Sheets series and the AARP HomeFit Guide are first-place winners in the Clearmark Awards and the Imagining Livability Design Collection received Platinum-level honors from the 2015 MarCom Awards.

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