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AARP Disaster Recovery Tool Kit: Part 4

How to rebuild a town, city or neighborhood to be a livable community for people of all ages

Recovery Efforts and the 8 Domains of Livability

The World Health Organization framework identifies 8 Domains of Livability that support active and healthy aging in a community. For a community faced with the complex task of rebuilding itself, the framework can be a useful tool for assessing and planning that effort — for the benefit of both older residents and residents of all ages. FEMA's partnerships in community recovery are organized by the Recovery Support Functions, each of which aligns with the age-friendly domains that follows: 

DOMAIN 1Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
The community's recreational locations and facilities are safe and accessible 

    Community Planning and Capacity Building (CPCB) Infrastructure

DOMAIN 2. Transportation
The community features a variety of safe and affordable modes of private and public transportation


DOMAIN 3. Housing
The community has a range of housing options, of varying styles and costs


DOMAIN 4. Social Participation
Residents have access to leisure and cultural activities, and there are opportunities for older residents to participate in social and civic engagement with both their peers and younger people

  • FEMA RECOVERY SUPPORT FUNCTION: Natural and Cultural Resources

DOMAIN 5. Respect and Social Inclusion
The community has programs that support and promote ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as programs that encourage multigenerational interaction and dialogue

  • FEMA RECOVERY SUPPORT FUNCTION: Natural and Cultural Resources

DOMAIN 6. Civic Participation and Employment
The community provides options for residents, including older residents, to engage in paid work and volunteer activities, and be involved in the formulation of policies relevant to their lives


DOMAIN 7. Communication and Information
Residents have access to the use of technology to stay connected to the community, friends and family, both near and far

  • FEMA RECOVERY SUPPORT FUNCTION: All Recovery Function categories

DOMAIN 8. Community Support and Health Services
Residents have access to medical care, homecare services (when needed) and programs and places that promote wellness and activity

  • FEMA RECOVERY SUPPORT FUNCTION: Health and Social Services

AARP Disaster Recovery Tool Kit Contents

This tool kit is a collaboration of the Federal Emergency Management Administration and AARP Livable Communities, represented by senior program advisor Jeanne Anthony. The tool kit was published in January 2015 with portions updated in September 2017.

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