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How to Create a Livable Community

AARP Livable Communities and AARP state offices work with local leaders and residents to help ensure that towns, cities and communities nationwide are livable for people of all ages.

Toward achieving that goal, we create and manage programs, tool kits, how-to guides and a collection of easy-to-use and understand printed and online materials.

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Bike Audit Tool Kit

A guide and worksheets for conducting a cycling safety audit — and advocating for needed change.

Walk Audit Tool Kit

A guide and worksheets for conducting a pedestrian safety audit — and advocating for needed change. (Disponible en español también.)

Creating Community Gardens for People of All Ages

A free, 32-page tool kit for neighbors and local leaders

AARP Disaster Resilience Tool Kit

A free, photo- and strategy-filled guide for how local leaders can reduce risks and better protect older adults. (Disponible en español también.)

Missing Middle Housing

What it is. Where it went. And why it's a needed housing option for people of all ages. Learn all of that and more in this 36-page, photo-filled guide.

All About ADUs

Check out our free, photo-filled guides to Accessory Dwelling Units and how they expand housing options for people of all ages

AARP HomeFit Guide

Learn how to make a house or apartment safe, comfortable and a great fit — for people of all ages. (Available in 5 languages.)

Make Room

Filled with photos, infographics, ideas, solutions and floor plans, Making Room is a rallying cry for a wider menu of housing options

Rural Livability

Learn how small towns and remote communities are working to become more livable for older adults and people of all ages

Enabling Better Places

Small-scale land use and zoning changes can help communities revitalize and thrive. Learn how in this publication for local leaders and community advocates

The Parks and Public Spaces Collection

One free guide from AARP — and others from the placemaking specialists of 8 80 Cities and Trust for Public Land

The American Rescue Plan and Older Adults

The legislation is a once-in-a-generation funding opportunity to strengthen communities for the future

The Handout

This downloadable graphic is available in two sizes in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese


Broadband Access

Expanding access to high-speed internet isn’t an infrastructure problem alone

Commercial District Design

Five design-centered briefs provide community leaders with economic recovery strategies that are safe, equitable and age-friendly

The 8 Domains of Livability: An Introduction

Communities of all sizes can use this framework to become more livable

Engaging the Community to Create Community

Examples from mayors about working with residents to solve problems and improve places

Where We Live

Three editions (2016, 2017 and 2018) featuring nearly 400 inspiring examples from America's local leaders

The Livability Economy

A report and infographic explain how livable communities are good for people and business

Imagining Livability

A visual portfolio of tools and transformations

Fact Sheets

11 award-winning, easy-to-understand, 4-page handouts about street-level livability solutions. (Available in English and Spanish.)

The 8 Domains of Livability: 16 Case Studies

Two examples from each domain provide information and inspiration

Roadmap to Livability

6 workbooks with strategies and solutions that make a community great for people of all ages


AARP Home and Community Preferences Survey

What people age 50+ think about where they live

The AARP Community Survey

Use this template (available in English or Spanish) to learn what people think about where they live

AARP Public Policy Institute

Policies about issues including land use, transportation, housing and broadband facilitate aging in place

AARP Livable Research

AARP researchers gather information about housing, transportation, communities and more

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