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Domain 7: Communication and Information

Tools and resources for working within the "8 Domains of Livability" to create livable communities for the benefit of older adults and people of all ages

Information today is delivered in ways few could have imagined a decade ago — and many still don't know how to use. Age-friendly communities recognize that not everyone has a smartphone or Internet access and that information needs to be disseminated through a variety of means.

The following list of resources — from AARP and elsewhere — relate to Domain 7 of the "8 Domains of Livability." The content is categorized into three groups by level of difficulty, with the first group generally being the easiest reads for people new to this work and the third featuring deeper, data- and policy-heavy papers and reports.

Introductory and Easy-to-Use Resources

    TEK stands for Technology, Education, Knowledge and AARP TEK workshops are fun, free, hands-on learning events that teach older adults how to safely and effectively use personal technology devices, engage with social media platforms and access online resources. (AARP)

  • High-Speed Networks Give Communities an Age-Friendly Advantage
    An AARP public policy analyst explains how having access to affordable high-speed Internet services provide communities with a powerful platform for helping meet the challenges associated with an aging population. (AARP)

  • SeniorNet
    SeniorNet Learning Centers offer computer skills classes specifically designed for adults 50 and older. The page "Find a Learning Center" provides information about its programs in the United States, Japan, Malaysia and Sweden. (SeniorNet)

  • Take a Class
    The OASIS Institute is a nonprofit organization that works to promote the ability of people age 50 to pursue vibrant, healthy, productive and meaningful lives. OASIS education centers offer online and in-person classes in history and literature, arts and culture, health, science, technology and more. (Oasis Institute)

Tool Kits and Comprehensive Overviews

In-Depth Reports, Policy Papers and Analysis

  • A Connection for All Ages: Enabling the Benefits of High-Speed Internet Access to Older Adults
    In an increasingly digital world, many older adults do not have affordable, high-speed Internet connectivity at home. This AARP Public Policy paper discusses how the quality of emerging technologies will help bridge the digital divide and reviews recommendations made by the Federal Communications Commission's National Broadband Plan to get more older adults web connected. (AARP)

Published Summer 2015. Compiled by Katelyn Dwyer and Joseph Cheatham.

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