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Tufts Health Plan Foundation

Massachusetts State House, Tufts Health Plan Foundation


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Created in 2008, the Tufts Health Plan Foundation seeks to use the assets of the not-for-profit health care coverage provider in a way that brings "demonstrable improvement to longstanding health care issues."

The Foundation funds programs that move communities, particularly the most vulnerable, toward engaging in collaborative work that leads to age-friendly standards (also referred to as the 8 Domains of Livability).

Target Audience or Region: The Tufts Health Plan Foundation funds projects where Tufts Health Plan employees live and work. This includes communities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and soon New Hampshire.

Focus of Its Work: Building age-friendly communities, focusing on programs and projects that fall into the areas of systems and best practices, policy and advocacy and work that "supports community leaders who engage multiple stakeholders toward a common community goal."

The Funding Model: The Foundation has been moving to fewer, larger grants and multiple year investments in order to, according to a statement by its president, Nora Moreno Cargie, "partner strategically, in support of promising community collaborations, honoring thought leaders and work we believe will lead to greater impact." The Foundation wants its "investments to go beyond the dollars." The Foundation's grants include support from other sources so, says Moreno Cargie, "these initiatives live long after our initial investment. We don’t and shouldn’t do this work alone."

Why Age-Friendly Work Is a Priority: Says the Foundation: "Building age-friendly communities is essential if our society is to remain relevant and responsive to this growing population. Viewing older adults as an asset is critical as they age in place, work to live healthier lives and contribute their experience and knowledge to our communities."

Age-Friendly Work IT Funds: The Tufts Health Plan Foundation works with AARP Massachusetts and encourages communities to enroll in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities. The Foundation convenes the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative — a network of community leaders in health and wellness, government, advocacy, research, business, education and philanthropy who are working together to advance healthy aging. The Foundation also funds the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Data Report, which is a set of health indicators of older adults and scores all communities in the state (similar in functionality to the AARP Livability Index).

How an Interested Community Can Engage: The Tufts Health Plan Foundation provides grants to communities through nonprofit organizations whose work focuses on healthy aging. Ideas must demonstrate evidence-based or evidence-informed practice or have potential and measurable impact benefiting older adults through the foundation's focus areas related to systems and best practices, policy and advocacy. Funds cannot be used for, among other restrictions, lobbying, benefiting individuals, purchasing capital equipment, general operating expenses, underwriting medical expenses and fundraising.

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