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John T. Gorman Foundation

John T. Gorman Foundation, Bath Housing Foundation's Comfortably Home, AARP Livable Communities

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Amy Liechty, Program Coordinator for Bath Housing Foundation's Comfortably Home program, left, with participant Laurie Irish on the front porch of her home in Sagadahoc County, Maine, in June 2017.

Based in Portland, Maine, the John T. Gorman Foundation was founded by its namesake (commonly known as "Tom"), a grandson of the famed sportsman, outfitter and retail pioneer L.L. Bean. Although Tom Gorman died in 2010, his commitment to help and support residents and communities in Maine continues.

Target Audience or Region: Maine (and only Maine)

Focus of Its Work: The Foundation primarily invests in innovative ideas to improve results for vulnerable children, youth and families. As part of its aspiration to strengthen Maine families, the Foundation supports a number of efforts to increase needed community services and advance important policy initiatives that can help more seniors with low income remain in their own homes and live independently.

The Funding Model: In addition to supporting direct services that can assist seniors who have low incomes, the John T. Gorman Foundation promotes public awareness and invests in advocacy efforts on behalf of seniors with low incomes. On occasion, it also modestly invests in community-based approaches that bring greater resources to bear in support of older adults.

Why Age-Friendly Work Is a Priority: Age-wise, Maine's population is the "oldest" in the nation. "The fact is that too many seniors are struggling on a fixed income — struggling to pay medical bills, purchase prescription drugs, heat their homes, keep food on the table and, for some, succeed at caretaker responsibilities for spouses or grandchildren," states the Foundation, adding, "we believe that we all have an obligation to ensure that our seniors — especially those who are economically disadvantaged — have the opportunity to age comfortably in settings of their choosing."

Age-Friendly Work IT Funds: The Foundation has provided more than $200,000 to the AARP Maine state office to provide technical assistance to Maine communities that are planning for the state's aging population through the age-friendly communities program and other organized efforts. The program also provides for small grants from the AARP Maine office directly to communities to assist with age-friendly planning expenses.

How an Interested Community Can Engage: Apart from specifically announced requests for proposals, the Foundation does not generally fund unsolicited proposals. However, Maine communities with an interest in participating in the age-friendly initiative can contact AARP Maine by emailing

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