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The 8 Domains of Livability: Resources

The availability and quality of these community features impact the well-being of older adults. Here's how to learn more about what's involved in each domain

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Image representing Domain 1: Outdoor Spaces and Public Places.

The World Health Organization's Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities has identified eight domains of livability that influence the quality of life of older adults.

The domains are also used as a framework and starting point by the U.S.-based towns, cities and counties that belong to the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities.

As a centralized source for information, examples and strategies about how programs and policies that work can help a community become more age-friendly, the following links will connect you to fact sheets, tool kits, guides, reports and more about each of the domains.

Domain 1: Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

Domain 2: Transportation

Domain 3: Housing

Domain 4: Social Participation

Domain 5: Respect and Social Inclusion

Domain 6: Civic Participation and Employment

Domain 7: Communication and Information

Domain 8: Community and Health Services

The content within each domain package is categorized into three groups by level of difficulty, with the first group generally being the easiest reads for people new to this work and the third featuring deeper, data- and policy-heavy papers and reports.

Communities can use these resources to help come up with initiative ideas and pursue effective strategies during the planning, implementation and evaluation phases of the age-friendly communities process.

Page published August 2018

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