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Step 3: Implementation

With the action plan approved, the work begins

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An age-friendly community is livable for people of all ages.

After the endorsement of the action plan, the next phase is implementation, which is when the community commits to moving forward. 

At the five-year mark the community is required to submit a progress report using the indicators that had been developed in the action plan. This process leads to a cycle of continuous improvement. As the action plan priorities are accomplished, new ones are identified and form the basis for additional planning and implementation.

Evaluation becomes an ongoing process as well, demonstrating progress against the baseline assessments previously identified. Evaluation helps determine ways to improve the action plan and demonstrate whether the strategies and action items are meeting the intended outcomes.

Writing The Action Plan Report

1. Cover page

2. An Executive Summary or Letter from the community’s mayor or county executive

3. Table of Contents

4. A Community Profile

5. An Introduction to the Plan

  • How the plan was developed
  • Who was involved in the development of the plan
  • Who will manage the implementation of the plan
  • Other information that is important to the plan

6. The Action Plan

7. Appendices and supporting documentation

Monitoring Progress

Depending on what's in your plan, determine in advance how you will track your progress. That way you'll know if the work is meeting its goals and objectives. If it isn't, you can adapt the plan.

The action plan is an "active" rather than static document.

Continual revisions and amendments are a sign of program improvement and progress, not of failure. 

Useful Resources

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