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Step 4: Evaluation

How to monitor and assess the community’s efforts

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An age-friendly community is livable for people of all ages.

As a community enrolled in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities, it is important to both conduct a community assessment and determine the key indicators to monitor as the community’s action plan is developed and implemented.

Evaluation is an ongoing process, and happens …

  • Before creating your action plan
  • While working on your action plan
  • At your community's fifth year in the network, which is the year the community's first age-friendly action plan is complete

AARP has created a survey that asks residents to indicate what they perceive is available in their communities and what they consider to be important. This survey can be used to establish baseline data, help uncover gaps, establish community priorities and support the development of the plan.

Additional instruments may also be available, and other surveys that have been conducted by the community can also provide useful data.

To develop a suitable monitoring and evaluation process it is necessary to understand the priorities of the individual community in question and establish a baseline within the context of the World Health Organization’s eight domains of a livable community. Once these parameters are established, data can be evaluated and monitored over time to determine areas of progress.

Useful Resources

This following content can assist in the monitoring and evaluation process required of the community.

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