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Copenhagen Cargo Bikes


Nearly 40 percent of all transportation trips in Copenhagen, Denmark are made by bicycle. With its bicycle and pedestrian-friendly built environment, reduced speed limits, and miles of physically separated cycle tracks, Copenhagen sets the standard of a bike-friendly city. Because the city provides safe and accessible bicycle infrastructure, bicycling is the preferred mode of transportation in Copenhagen, with 84 percent of residents reporting they have accesses to a bicycle and 68 percent stating that they cycle at least once a week.

Streetfilms produced this video to showcase the phenomenon of cargo bikes in Copenhagen. These incredibly efficient bicycles make it easy to utilize bicycle transportation for most trips around town allowing cyclists to carry groceries, baggage, furniture, and other people or children.

Key Points

This video demonstrates the popularity of cargo bikes in Copenhagen, showing the vast number of cyclists enjoying a safe bicycle environment throughout the city. Cargo bikes are designed to make cycling a more practical and efficient mode of transportation allowing cyclists to use their bicycles the same way they would an automobile. The baskets, extra seats, and flat beds that are part of the cargo bike design make these bicycles an efficient alternative to automobile travel, especially for errands around town and other trips that do not require an automobile.

Video highlights:

  • In recent years, Copenhagen has shut down approximately 15 parking lots and transformed these areas to bicycle parking and public spaces.
  • Fifty-five percent of all riders in Copenhagen are female.
  • Only 40 percent of the population in Copenhagen owns a personal automobile, making cargo bikes a very practical alternative for getting around the city.

Cargo Bikes in Copenhagen is the final chapter of Streetvideo’s 2010 Copenhagen Trilogy. These three videos examine the popularity of bicycling in Copenhagen and the factors that contribute to the practicality of bicycling in the city including the built environment of city streets, safe and separated bicycle infrastructure, low speed limits, and the positive attitude toward bicycling in Copenhagen.

How to Use

After watching this video on cargo bikes in Copenhagen, it is clear that Copenhagen is leading the way in bicycle-friendly planning. Copenhagen has created a system where every road works for bicycles by using painting bike lanes or elevated cycle tracks. City planners, local government officials, and community leaders can use this video to gain an understanding of some of the innovative ways Copenhagen is making bicycling even safer, more practical, and more efficient throughout the city.

View Web Site: Cargo Bikes in Copenhagen

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