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Getting From Here to There in Dallas County, TX: A Transportation Survey of AARP Members – 2010


In the Dallas County area there are nearly 200,000 residents over the age of 65, and more than 75,000 of these residents have a disability that could potentially keep them from participating fully in work, school, housework, or other activities. To better understand this population and their transportation needs, AARP Texas, in combination with the Community Transportation Network, conducted this study.

Key Points

This AARP Texas surveyed 5,000 Dallas County members age 60+ to help determine the transportation needs of older adults and people with disabilities in the Dallas County area. Of the 1,343 AARP Texas members that responded to the survey, over half acknowledged that it would be difficult for them to get around in their community if they were no long able to drive.

Other report highlights include:

  1. AARP Texas members living in Dallas County are extremely active, with half of those 60+ saying they get out and go somewhere at least once a day.
  2. A majority of respondents’ primary mode of transportation is driving. However, a majority of respondents’ stated that public transportation is available in their community. One in five said public transportation was not available.
  3. AARP members in Dallas County that have used public transportation in the past six months say that it is affordable and it gets them where they need to go. However, the biggest problems noted by these members in regards to using public transportation are adequate shelter from weather while waiting, going where needed, fear of crime, and the time it takes to use it.
  4. Most AARP members 60+ are aware that paratransit services exist in the Dallas County area. The biggest setbacks to using these services are scheduling a same-day trip and the time it takes to use it.

How to Use

While each community is different, in general older adults are more likely to require assistance as they age when it comes to transportation and mobility. This study highlights key information regarding transportation in the Dallas County, Texas area that can help local officials and planners elsewhere better understand the needs of aging adults in the community.  Efforts to improve livability and transportation options for older adults will be required in communities across America.

View full report: Getting From Here to There in Dallas County, TX: A Transportation Survey of AARP Members – 2010 (PDF – 324 KB)

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